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Key Features to Look out for When Buying a Hoverboard

Hoverboards are the much-vaunted gadget of 2017. They are a lot of fun and they definitely turn heads. However, it’s important that you make the correct choices when buying your hoverboard, because they are not all built to the same specification. In order to get the best out of your hoverboard, you should consider the following six features.

Load Bearing Weight
The first thing to realise, is that like most single-person vehicles (e.g. skateboards, bicycles, etc.), hoverboards are categorised according to size and weight. You need to match your board to your physical bearing. For example, if you are an adult, you will need a larger board than a child would need.

Off Road or On
The next distinction that you should be on the lookout for is the type of terrain where the board will perform the best. There are three categories here:

1.    Off road – these have large tyres that have a good degree of suspension, making it easier to travel over uneven terrain.

2.    On road – these have narrower, harder, tyres and are great for building up speed on flat surfaces, such as concrete. You will need to be careful when buying your hoverboard, because you are not allowed to ride them on the public roads.

3.    All terrain – these combine elements of both of the above and perform reasonable well on both uneven and even terrain.

The Quality
As we mentioned in the introduction, there are many different types of hoverboard available. One way to distinguish them is in terms of quality. Generally, the Swegway brand is the best choice. you should expect to be paying at least £400 for a decent board. If you see a hoverboard for sale at less than £200, then we would advise against buying it, as the quality is usually poor.


The Battery
Batteries can be a little hit and miss when it comes to hoverboards. You should look for a board that has battery that will last for at least 12 miles. There’s nothing worse than going out on your board and having to walk miles back home. Samsung batteries tend to be the most respected within this industry.

Added Extras
Many hoverboards come with added extras. Some of these extras, such as Bluetooth capacity, come with the board. Bluetooth allows you to do a number of things, including listening to music as you ride. Other accessories come in the form of attachments. For example, you can buy a Kart attachment that transforms the board into a sit-down kart. These are great fun.

If you want a board that is compatible with a particular attachment, be sure to research this before you buy the board.

The Warranty
Finally, you should expect to be given at least 3-months warranty with your board. They are generally very robust, but that doesn’t mean that they never encounter problems. Having the warranty in place will help you to protect your purchase.

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